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Erotic Love: Amped-up sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Hot, sensual romantic taboo within a back drop of turmoil and shady characters involved with legal and illegal drugs. The reader is left to their wondrous imagination as well as a soundtrack that is intertwined cleverly with the story. Think as eclectic as U2’s  Desire,  Prince’s  Cream,  Kylie Minogue’s  Slow,  to AC/DC’s  Thunderstruck. 

MADLYToo Much Too Soon

‘Madly’ is the beginning of an explosive journey taken by a complex, couple who are simply falling in love. Balancing the too much, with the too soon, sees their story capture all that is seductive, dangerous, and soulful about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Their plight complemented by the soundtrack in Nat’s mind. The story delves into the madness of inner voices and the masks ‘normal’ people hide behind when dealing with lust, love, guilt, and ambition.

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DEEPLYToo Much Too Late

The second book of the ‘Too Much’ Romance trilogy continues to explore Natasha Perry and Dr Sebastian Mancini’s deeply passionate attraction, which is as potent as it is combustible. Their desire for each other is like fire and gunpowder burning with an intense, incandescent flame that ultimately consumes its makers.

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TRULYToo Much is Never Enough

The final instalment of the Too Much Romance Trilogy finds Seb and Natasha torn apart by a lie. Abandoned by the Mancini family, Nat fights for her future becoming the strong soul she was always meant to be. No longer camouflaged in ordinary she shines to finally rid herself of all her alters.

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