I'm the author of the Too Much Romance Trilogy. Novels fuelled by imagination, music, and a touch of sophisticated seduction. Stories of strong, smart women, who endure the interesting twists of life are muses for me.

I write romantic suspense, highlighting the complex and fascinating aspects of human nature. I hope you enjoy getting to know the characters in my first three books: Book One, MADLY: Too Much Too Soon (released September 2017). Book Two, DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late (released December 2018) and Book Three, TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough, the final in the trilogy. Released Saint Valentine’s Day 2020. All books in the Too Much Romatnce trilogy are available from platforms; Amazon, AppleBooks, GooglePlayBooks and RakutenKobo.

Don't have an affair, dive into these books.

Romantic imagination and a love of music is all that’s required.

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