About A.M.Jaxon

An unusual journey to sophisticated seduction and scintillating suspense.

A.M. Jaxon grew up in an occasionally idyllic, sometimes dodgy small-town, in Far North Queensland, in 1970s-80s Australia. Leaving small town Queensland, she headed out into the world to study pharmacy before using this medical background to explore and work around the world. These different paths have seen her experience many adventures and misadventures first-hand, which delivers a unique edge to her novels.

A.M. writes about resilient women of all shapes, sizes and temperaments who endure what life throws at them. She’s a newcomer to the romantic suspense genre. She loves highlighting human nature’s complex, uplifting, and dangerous aspects in all its glorious frailties.

After working for several years in pharmacy, she went slightly insane to study and receive a PhD in Business.  If anyone can go only slightly insane! Either way, when each year became too much like a cookie-cutter impression of the last, she decided to follow her passion and write romantic suspense from her home in Perth, Western Australia. She lives with her very organised but messy husband and wily Westy, while her daughters have flown the coop to have their own adventures.

When not writing, she is coaching hockey and is a mad fan of any sport except maybe synchronised swimming. A. M’s never met a rum she didn’t like, dislikes coffee, kite-surfs and has an eclectic taste in music, preferably played loud. In general, she enjoys a good laugh with friends over a decent meal while watching the sunset over the ocean.

Why I crazily write about what I do?

They say write about what you know and enjoy. These days instead of working with drugs, I write about them. My novels and short stories centre on stories of drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and intimacy – as much as sex. I love telling the stories of women as they strive for more – to become all they can be. I hope you enjoy their stories.

Why read this book:

Books that have gone before : 

Sweet Love: Boy meets girl, no soundtrack but if there was it might be Abba’s Dancing Queen.

Next : Sexy Love : 

Man meets woman, no soundtrack but if there was Sade’s Smooth Operator.

Now : 

Kinky Love, unmasking taboos: Troubled man meets meek and mild girl. A hint of a soundtrack by channelling Beyoncé.

The future is here in A. M. Jaxon's books.

The Too Much Series:

Madly: Too much too soon.
Deeply: Too much too late.
Truly: Too much is never enough.

Erotic Love: Amped-up sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Hot, sensual romantic taboo within a back drop of turmoil and shady characters involved with legal and illegal drugs. The reader is left to their wondrous imagination as well as a soundtrack that is intertwined cleverly with the story. Think as eclectic as U2’s  Desire,  Prince’s  Cream,  Kylie Minogue’s  Slow,  to AC/DC’s  Thunderstruck. 

A book walking in the footsteps of the success of soundtrack movies like Baby Driver, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 and TV shows like Riverdale, Glee and Nashville. 

 Finally, books fuelled by the reader’s imagination, music, and strong smart women.