Don't you dare allow yourself to think you are less than

You are in charge of your destiny:

Just take the leap...

THE NEW A.M. Jaxon BOOK here soon!


Book One.

Coming in September 2021

Saoirse sets out to find her place in the world. Instead, her life evolves from

chaste to chased

in a story where

Love Actually meets Big Little Lies.

Seven women, eight stories, ten men and one stalker what could go right?

Find the love connections.

The stories pull you in, spin you around, and just when you think you've got the rhythm, they take you in a deep dip, to lift you up with more sensuality and intrigue than a late-night silky tango.

The saga concludes in Love Connections: Joshua's story, Book Two. Different City, different stories, one new love - same stalker who's got time to kill.

Take that deep dip and find your connection...

From the next new AM Jaxon book. Love Connections: Saoirse's Story

Her Stalker is revealed


Get ready for Love Connections: Saoirse's Story the next AM Jaxon sophisticated suspense-filled seduction.

When enough is enough

There comes a time when suffering fools is no longer an option...

This is the time to stop people taking advantage of your good manners and nature.

The lessening commonness of sense

Not so common any longer




Now things beep or there are signs telling us everything is dangerous. Go out and use your mind and survive.

When you have passion for a job

When you love what you do it's never work:


Go and find your true passion

The unselfishness of a mother's love

Rising above it all...



And she'll enjoy it ... mostly.

The moment LOVE and DESIRE collide

When a touch has magic and you find yourself consumed:

Let the velvet power of desire take you...

Drown in the perfection of that moment...

Love takes you under. 

That rarity that is love CAPTURED, never lost...

Not all that's new is better

Some Old Ways weren't so Antiquated:


Call me a hopeless romantic but wouldn't it be nice to be offered a handkerchief by a guy when tears had no choice but to flow...