At the heart of love

The holy trinity of love

Find your beat

The Elements of Love Don't Need a Table

The science of love is that there is no science only chemistry

When chemistry is all you have is it love? There's a whole lot of fun to be had finding out... 

Listen to your inner voice

Your mind sees everything but your heart knows

When knowing and feeling are the same thing:


Let your heart have its head

Not a sentence

Stay the distance

You never know what you may miss


Uncover the Heart and Soul of Music

Be consumed by the richer experience


Find your transcendent climax

Happy St Valentines Day

The unpredictability of love

Find your willing capture and freedom

The power of great lyrics

When lyrics take you there by merely being sung

Walk where the wildlife goes...

Dive in to the dusk and honeysuckle musk


Beauty can be found in many things

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Be the difference


When you see the end

The journey ends when your heart stops

Recognize the beat has gone...


When she's all you want

When you enjoy the fall

Find your drug