Some women don't need an announcement they just arrive.


Some women don't need an announcement they just arrive.

A.M. Jaxon's coming new books:

Love Connections: Saoirse's Story, Book 1

Love Connections: Joshua's Story, Book 2


The Sophisticated Woman: Style and Grace should never go to waste.

Style and Grace should never go to waste


A.M. Jaxon's coming new books:

Love Connections: Saoirse's Story, Book 1

Love Connections: Joshua's Story, Book 2

Reflections on 2019

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

Observations and Reflections of 2019:

How many times did this happen?

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And we so hoped…

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At the end of the day when energy was defeated and Uber eats was

a whole lot of appealing we did use …

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MIND: Alas the agony, 

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BODY: Oh ! The ageing

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SOUL: Being able to laugh at ourselves:

The results of 2019 goal-setting:

Life was meant to be interesting and it is enriched by the more challenging the journey;

not the destination.

In the end when reflecting on the year; true friends are our riches and a REAL indication of our self-worth.

Go out and celebrate with the people who make you feel the most valuable. Dare you to…. 

Some things women know that men don't

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo...

Some things women know that men dont

Ladies go out and find Mr Forget the 99.. 

The Fifty Shades of Fallacy

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

Fifty Shades of Fallacy

More than a few people have a (not so) dirty little secret.

Come on people lighten up and admit it... you've been reading and ...watching.... IT


Most people, especially women say they haven't read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Not only that they haven't read it but the denial seems to also need to be laced (no pun intended) with more than a hint of disdain and a hell of a lot of a put down or is that throwing shade (pun intended). And don't get me started on the movies and how many people bemoan how they wouldn't sink so low, or be seen dead watching.

And Yet... 

The books have been worldwide best sellers and while everyone complains about how the writing is poor, the books must have captured something. 50 shades references have entered everyday language. One great example is at the end of the movie Bad Moms 1 when one of the characters says 'my husband totally 50 Shaded me this morning'. Not forgetting the recent movie, Book Club starring Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Jane Fonda, about women of a certain age reading 50SoG. Let me say again they're worldwide best sellers; so more than a few people must have read the books.



Then came the movies, which the books spawned. Even far more accomplished erotic romance writers like Meredith Wild, Sylvia Day, and Australia's very own Nikki Gemmell (The Bride Stripped Bare) haven't been able to capture similar lucrative movie deals for their books. That's even if the 'so-called in the know' intelligentsia say they are better writers.

Soooooooo someone out there must be reading these books and seeing the movies..... I'm beginning to think the whole Fifty Shades Phenomenon is like Dr Who's Tardis...

Small on the outside but big on the inside...really BIG

Well, I admit it...

I have read and seen the trilogy... and there must be many, many others who have. Let's face it, so what! There are no 50 shades of grey areas here... you either have or you haven't. If some of you have slipped over to the darker side, now you can be freed from your burden.


Let it out... Rip off the Band-Aid and admit it, you've read/seen them too.

Sometimes the dialogue is cringe worthy and frustrating and laughable and sickly sweet YET there is something at the core of the love story that resonates. Maybe it's the sanitization and the raising of the acceptability of some aspects of BDSM as a possible bedroom ally. Forget the fun police and the pretentious, wannabe erudite readers and admit it. After all it's really not so bad, it's fun and may even give you something to laugh about. It's mental bubble-gum - you take it in, chew it, mull over it, enjoy the silliness of remembering how to blow a bubble and then as it loses it's flavour you spit it out!

Yes I've read all of the them and SEEN all of them. There it's done and I haven't been smote down... life goes on. You too can release your inner Tardis, no wait, make that your inner sexual beast.

Release your inner sexual beastDare you too..


The Sophisticated Art of Music Setting the Mood

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

The Sophisticated Art of .... Music setting the mood

A sensual ambience is key - one that gives you and your partner that breath-hitching, honey-mellow, warmth all over. Especially deep, deep down inside where you not only want, but need to be pulled under and consumed by desires so wild they have you forgetting all thought of tiresome reality and any inhibitions over tender taboos. Where you are begging to be spent by your lovers' hand until your thirst for ecstacy is quenched. 

Whew... is it getting hot in here? I've got carried away a little, that, or I'm having a hot flush. Which I like to call being swamped by the old Middle-Aged Dragon's breath.

Know your partners music likes, loves and passions. Learn what turns your paramour on - kink included. A balance set somewhere between relaxed sensuality but not sleazy easy. Sade is a tried and true classic: who can forget Smooth Operatorbut how about a bit of The Sweetest Taboo You've probably heard Joan Armatrading's, Love and Affection, of course you have! You'd have to have been living in a cave not to know it... This time with a little dedication...... Once more with the feeling... But a real, often forgotten gem of Joan's, is Willow. It can lift the night.

Setting the scene, more than candles and champagne. Music, the right music will really heat up the night.


The art of the creating a bliss-filled space: Music to elevate the night from just bonking; to the art of elegant love-making.

Anything George Michael 
produced in his romantic phase is a great start and of course Mr Love-juices himself Barry White
, but I find big Bazza gets a little monotonous. Prince's Cream (on the video link start two minutes in to get the real cream vibe) or Kylie Minogue's Slow. These are the pinnacle of sophisticated musical seduction. A newcomer and not too well-known is the very smooth and creamy Isobel Campbell - a wonderful Scottish singer-songwriter- and her duet with Mr Dripping Molasses voice(thick, dark and smooth), Mark LaneganCome on Over (turn me on)
. For those Tex Perkins fans you'll love Mark. A very similar timbre of hot sexiness in his vocals; or should I say, his bewitching tones.

Got carried away again there so.... Back to elegant love-making.

Lets face it, after the first two bars of the song or you may make it through the intro, nonetheless if the 'seduction songs' have worked and love-making song is doing its 'charming thing'... you won't be listening anyway. You should be lost in a world of love, intimacy and intense sharing.

Explore the boundaries of your love and lust. Dare you to


Menopause the hottest curse!

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo: 

Menopause the hottest curse!

And not in a good way.

I'm not the biggest Sam Elliot fan, although he's easy on the eye and has a voice like golden treacle gliding over a sore throat. So yes worth a look but it's the voice for me. A voice which I could listen to all day and it would relax me as much as a good warm massage or a long tall glass of iced vodka during a hot flush. Although in a Star is Born (the one with Lady GaGa), it's hard to work out what he's saying as he mumbles a little but still sexy to look at... Menopause Shamenopause.

I'm more a David Beckham fan when it comes to the looking (because just look at him... he's ridiculously handsome), but unfortunately his voice can't give me the same good vibrations of Sam's or men with voices like his, another example is Bradley Cooper in the latest reincarnation of A Star is Born. His voice is the vibration train to core city. Alas poor David...No dripping golden syrup here. David's being more like dripping rusty water. But I can forgive him, in my quest to defeat menopause because silent David is still a worthwhile diversion from menopause. I'm sure you have your own choice of man to medicinally lust after regarding the relief and survival of menopause.

If men don't work as suggested is another helpful novel idea with great potential

Or try these shoes and cuffs on for size... Dare you to...  

The classics have a way of helping us realise...

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

The classics still have a way of guiding us - even in today's multi-faceted changed world! Giving us pause to examine how we solve our problems.




Find a solution to your problems within Dare you to...

Why can't women take it or leave it?

Observations of a Middle-Age Dragon with a Tattoo:

Why cant women take it or leave it

Men will call a man a dick if he’s being one and then move on.

This is nothing new.


Why do (MOST) women find this so hard to do – so far out of their realm.

I say most women because some can do it, and mean it. Not just pretend. But these women are seemingly rare indeed - amazingly self-assured and STRONG. More power to them and may it rub off on the rest of us.

Woman certainly can throw it, BIG TIME.

But we can’t take it, BIG TIME and this is the root of all the problems.

MAYBE: It’s because we are more ‘feeling’ beings than men.

OR DO WE JUST 'KID' OURSELVES FAR MORE, believe in the fake not look for the truth. 

Throw off criticism that is slanderous and believe in our worth. However, be strong enough to recognise constructive criticism and take it on board, throw away the rest. Move on.

Why can’t we simply accept learn and grow from differing POVs be BIG enough to say we disagree, let’s move on. 

Or Yes I was WRONG, I'm strong enough to be the bigger woman and admit that. Now let's move on...

Why do we sometimes turn expressing our egregious thoughts - at what we believe to be something personal when it was constructive criticism, and certainly not sticks and stones - why do we turn it into evisceration. Therefore making it personal and then react by throwing insults and barbs that become deeply personal.

When women give it we tend to really GIVE it, with such vitriol it ends up diabolically wrong. An example is SLUT SHAMING.


THEN there’s this other not so rare event where WOMEN not only jump on - but stamp on (in great big army boots) any woman who is making a valid point.

THIS IS THE LESSON: A differing point of view can still make a valid point. Criticism, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can make us stronger. 

A differing point of view is not the devil or Satan. It is what makes the world go round and gives balance.

Wise-up, grow up and try to practice TOLERANCE and inner-strength.

IF someone throws shade your way then be strong enough to know if it is really about you or says more about them. AND 

Take it or leave it. Then you won’t need to get down into it.