What are we being conned over now? Who will be laughing at our gullibility in 20 years!!??

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

Old Marketing Ads:

Old Ads seem so funny - how were people so gullible? We know they sold more things than the obvious. After all there was: sex, credibility, shame, happiness, misogyny etc, etc… BUT have things really changed???

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You may laugh because we seem so much “wiser” now! And wonder how could previous generations have been so gullible?

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The real question is:

We all know how cashed-up, driven, tricky (code for verging on immoral) and clever the advertising agency’s are. NOT to mention that they have become far better at what they do. So, what are we being conned over now? In TWENTY to FORTY years, what will people be looking back at and laughing at how gullible we were!!?? 

McDonalds: Carry-On campaign.

These aren’t old they’re a sample from the 2000s:


                    Burger King ad         pretzel crisps

Don’t believe the hype, take a breath, THINK about how much you really need what they’re pushing on you or worse - do understand it’s a con-job. Break free...  Dare you to….


A small but powerful message for next week's journey:

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

Eleanor Roosevelt's thoughts and sentiments have stood the test of time.