The path to saying good-bye to Natasha and Sebastian – maybe…


The path to saying good-bye to Natasha and Sebastian  maybe

I started with writing some short erotic love scenes which my husband found quite good. Then I began to flesh out more of a story. Before I knew it, I had more than one novel. At this point, Natasha was Ashleigh. It didn’t seem to work or fit the character that was developing. Seb was always Sebastian; brooding and darkly handsome. Still, waters run deep.

By the end of 2013, I had a loosely, poorly written; in the first person, Trilogy called ‘Sins and The Choices We Make’. I kept working away at it.

In mid-2014, I had my first editor look at the now called The Goldilocks Principle. Mostly to gauge if it was just a vanity exercise or if I had something. He said I did have something and suggested a few changes. I went to writing weekends and workshops. I rewrote and rewrote: aiming to write a rough, tough romantic suspense whose characters had flaws, but you wanted to overcome.

I found a proper editor in 2015 and sent in the first book now still written in the first person and only slightly better than it had been. Tom Flood of Flood Manuscripts told me to write in the third person and to stop over-writing. The third person thing was more natural, exciting and freed me to really develop the characters and the story. Making it more crime/suspense in the driver seat with erotic romance riding shotgun. 

I’m a genre masher, and that’s a problem when it comes to finding a main-stream publisher, but it means the journey has a few more twists. Persistence is not only my middle name but my first, second and third.

SO, I wrote and rewrote again and again. By 2016 I had it in much better shape, so I had Tom edit again. Then I tried publishers…to no avail.

In 2017 I decided to self-publish and keep writing because I loved it and I was most happy when I was writing even though it wasn’t making me much money and that elusive publisher deal still looked miles away. By September 2017, I had an A. M. Jaxon website and my first book now titled, MADLY: Too Much Too Soon, was available on platforms Amazon, Google Play Books and Apple Books. I had a weekly blog and while Tom was editing book two. I polished book three. Then to keep fresh, I wrote some short stories. It was great to have a break from Seb and Nat. To write about a whole new set of characters with different personalities and adventures.

September 2018 Book Two, DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late was e-published. Meanwhile, the reviews for book one on Goodreads were on the whole positive.

In August 2019, I went to my first Romance Writers of Australia Conference. Everyone was so giving, considerate and supportive. I got a nibble from Penguin, and it saw me coming home to polish and polish and polish Book ONE. No publisher deal eventuated, but a great experience in submitting to someone I knew was going to read it; a foot in the door. My name is out there a bit more. I will persist. That’s what it’s all about.

Book three was scheduled to come out late 2019, but editing with Tom took longer than expected. While my work on book one MADLY to submit it to the publisher took my time away from TRULY. Then my Mum passed away. It was hard for me to find the time for work there for a little bit. I couldn’t seem to finish making the changes needed and needed time.

Now I can celebrate a little.... as book three has hit the platforms, including Kobo. For your reading pleasure TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough is HERE!!!   Dare you to...

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Book 3: TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough. Ready for final edit


From A.M. Jaxon


TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough. While flying across the country, safe and sound in a window seat, I had a quiet celebratory drink as I gave Book 3 in the Too Much Romance trilogy, a final check. 

TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough. Ready to send to editor Tom Flood of Flood Manuscripts.


If you haven't yet read the first two books of the Too Much Romance Trilogy that's Book 1: MADLY: Too Much Too Soon and Book 2: DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late.   Dare you to….


Books One and Two are available from AppleBooks, GooglePlayBooks and Amazon and all links to these sites are on this webpage click on the Books Tab.

Introducing the NEW, many faces of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo

Introducing a NEW Dragon  

shes goofy and happy, 

huffy and of course.. smokin'!

Many, Many  Thanks to Nicola from Nixels Graphic Designs for using her amazing talent to create the many faces of the 

Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo

A dragon that's ALL  attitude

The Too Much Romance series: An UPDATE

From A.M.: An UPDATE 

Book One of the Too Much Romance series is on special this month.

MADLY: Too Much Too Soon



Start your adventure with the Too Much Romance series that has more than a hint of crime to add even more spice.

Books Two and Three are done as is the artwork and there's more:

DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late


Book Two is being given it’s final edit by Tom Flood of Flood Manuscripts. I'm hoping to release it Mid-December for a Christmas surprise.

                   TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough


Book Three is ready for its final edit by Tom Flood. Hoping to release it early 2019.

Start Reading the Too Much Romance series today… Dare you to…