Tough and sexy, the lady's in charge.

The lady knows what she has, what she wants and what she can leave in her dust.

Now that's a woman...

Elegance and Class from Old Hollywood:

When a man loves a strong woman:

Now thats a woman...

When a woman suffers she often hides it.

Even the most outwardly-looking complete women have their moments - it's the nature of the beast.

Support don't Shame:



St Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day:


There's nothing like a straight six ... and Melissa Etheridge

For those who like the growl of a straight six and Melissa Etheridge:

Cheers to those who know what these are. To those who don't - find out - you haven't lived until you hear them both sing.



The Intensity of Anticipation

Intensity of Anticipation - lose yourself in the feel of it.

Sometimes you need some time out ...

When it seems the hardest that's when you need it the most ... SOLACE.



Don't be afraid when the mood takes you, ENJOY LIFE ...

Life's to enjoy, isn't it?

Wise words following NYE


The most important lesson learned from 2020 is RESILIENCE.

2020: The year the world learnt about resilience and

many, many other things...