Sometimes the hardest word to say is another 's' word

The other 's' word:

Saying stay may hurt less than living lonely



Be brave


It'll just be there when you need it

Go find it for someone special






Keep your heart light

Make your heart a no loading zone

Find your lightness

Find your best

Don't settle for less than

Find your more than

The light and dark of it

Being with someone for the right reason



Find your reason

The Bliss of Love

The Fire of Love and True Bliss

Find your spark to the bliss of love:

Life in the fast lane sure to blow your mind

Don't lose your mind, find it instead:

Find the pace that eases your mind

The love letter of a Russian Master:

Who knew Count Leo Tolstoy rocked it:

Beauty is fleeting but loving the soul is the pure essence of longevity...


Go find your essence:


Saving me, saving you...

Love has so many paths to redemption

Go on save each other:

Old school style putting new in the shade

An oldie but a goodie

The classics have a way of enduring so should you.