The power of great lyrics

When lyrics take you there by merely being sung

Walk where the wildlife goes...

Dive in to the dusk and honeysuckle musk


Beauty can be found in many things

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Be the difference


Reflections on 2021

What we took from 2021:

How many times did this happen?

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And we so hoped…

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At the end of the day when energy was defeated and Uber eats was

a whole lot of appealing we did use …

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MIND: Alas the agony, 

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BODY: Oh ! The ageing

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SOUL: Being able to laugh at ourselves:


The results of 2021 goal-setting:

Life was meant to be interesting and it is enriched by the more challenging the journey,

not the destination.

In the end when reflecting on the year: true friends are our riches and a REAL indication of our self-worth.

Go out and celebrate with the people who make you feel the most valuable. Dare you to…. 

Merry Christmas from A.M.

May your stocking be filled with everything that makes you happy

Here are some Christmas samplers ...

Find your nice naughty!


When you see the end

The journey ends when your heart stops

Recognize the beat has gone...


When she's all you want

When you enjoy the fall

Find your drug

Music is better shared

The music of two is so much better than one

Find your perfect partner to make sweet music with

Time the most valuable of currencies

When even a minute is worth the world

Find that someone special who is worth your every minute of your time

She is true, she is everything

Woman take up the challenge no matter what

Find your best challenge


This woman is on fire

When the burn ignites the giant...

Rise again