Comparing Apples and Oranges

Nothing like biting into a few people to see

what they're made of.

Go on take a taste

The shimmering spreading of love

Skimming stones and stirring emotions

Find the touch that stirs you deep

The end is just another beginning

Rejection is another way to begin

Find your new beginning


My lonely friend

Just lonely with the poison in the wine

Enjoy the shot and the reprieve


The cold at your back

The support you need but can't find at the crossroads of love

Walk down the road that leads to the love and support you deserve



Contentment in being Alone is STRENGTH and PEACE


Find it with yourself

When there's nothing left

The Blackness that Eats our Soul

Don't let it win

Anxiety the non-silent, silent killer

Confronting the confrontation in your head

takes a toll

It's debilitating and destructive and too many times it defeats

Try to settle the noise. It may come back

Try to rise again and fight



Only Fools Rush In

The devastation of hope

Float above it no matter how fragile you feel

The Elements of Love Don't Need a Table

The science of love is that there is no science only chemistry

When chemistry is all you have is it love? There's a whole lot of fun to be had finding out...