When you have passion for a job

When you love what you do it's never work:


Go and find your true passion

The unselfishness of a mother's love

Rising above it all...



And she'll enjoy it ... mostly.

The moment LOVE and DESIRE collide

When a touch has magic and you find yourself consumed:

Let the velvet power of desire take you...

Drown in the perfection of that moment...

Love takes you under. 

That rarity that is love CAPTURED, never lost...

Not all that's new is better

Some Old Ways weren't so Antiquated:


Call me a hopeless romantic but wouldn't it be nice to be offered a handkerchief by a guy when tears had no choice but to flow...


Some days are dark no matter what: fight to find the sun

When you lose a battle in your head...

BELIEVE the sun will rise for you again and lighten your fears away.



Happy Easter Dare you to....

Happy Easter to everyone!

For the Geeks and Scientists:

For the Mums and Dads:

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For the Crime Buffs:

A laugh for the disappointed:

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For everyone at the end of Easter: 

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For those who’d like to have a Happy Easter and skip the chocolate; 

Dare you to….

Real beauty is never only skin deep

The lady saw the angles while only having curves:

Confidence is belief in yourself 

Savvy, Sexy and Uncompromising:

Forget being like a man, it's about being all WOMAN.

Now that's a woman...

Tough and sexy, the lady's in charge.

The lady knows what she has, what she wants and what she can leave in her dust.

Now that's a woman...