From the next new AM Jaxon book. Love Connections: Saoirse's Story

Her Stalker is revealed


Get ready for Love Connections: Saoirse's Story the next AM Jaxon sophisticated suspense-filled seduction.

Egyptian wisdom

The wisdom of the sands of Egypt:


Good things have been coming in threes for a long time. Go and enjoy.




My liver instead of murder

I sacrifice my liver because I can't commit murder:

Enjoy your drinking it's righteous...

When enough is enough

There comes a time when suffering fools is no longer an option...

This is the time to stop people taking advantage of your good manners and nature.

Pressure isn't all bad

Good things can emerge from pressure

Try for a little discomfort in your comfort zone.

The wise Egyptians still relevant

When the student is ready the teacher will appear...


Go find your teacher

The ocean and all its power

Cleanse your mind...


and discover your soul...

The forest for the trees

There is always another way...

Go out and find your light...


The lessening commonness of sense

Not so common any longer




Now things beep or there are signs telling us everything is dangerous. Go out and use your mind and survive.

Beauty comes in many forms

Is the bee the beauty or is it the flower?

Find your bee...