Happy masks and all manner of sins

Sometimes happiness is so thin.

Pretence has a reason and takes practice,


When it all gets too much

There are many reasons to stay. Don't let the darkness win ...


You've got this

Rise and show them.

Soar above them...

Set yourself free

Sometimes the things that cage us aren't real.

Unlock your mind, soul and life...

The stamina of guilt

You can't out run guilt.

Face it down.

The Fall

When the fall is all you have, love matters a great deal.


Take the fall...







Unfinished Business

When you can't forget

Rediscover your unforgettable...

The ocean and all its power

Cleanse your mind...


and discover your soul...

My liver instead of murder

I sacrifice my liver because I can't commit murder:

Enjoy your drinking it's righteous...