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DREAM BIG and make those DREAMS come true

Quote: Ella Saunders, Love Connections: Book 2, Joshua's Story.

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Comparing Apples and Oranges

Nothing like biting into a few people to see if they really are what they say they are.

At no point in history has our truth been so filtered....

Forget Trump and Twitter.... this is about you and me and how Google, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the Big Data Corporations are limiting what we see, how it's reported and in general stifling


Is anyone reporting with journalistic integrity? Is anybody doing real investigative journalism on this? Is anybody allowed to?

DO you know who has all the details of your life and all the information on how you live?

IMAGINE what they do with it and you have NO WAY of knowing how far it is impacting your life! If you think I'm one of those people that should be wearing a hat made of alfoil go watch Netflix's


then you'll understand the world's nativity over BIG DATA... 

Why do we label people?

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo…


Everyone seems to want to LABEL everyone else these days What if we STOPPED and stuck to finding out about people the old-fashioned way. LIKE: Taking the time and talking to each other. 

Rather than labelling being about WHO YOU ARE can we just go back to labels helping us with HOW TO…..



Go on! Talk to someone instead of labelling them.

Dare you to