The Sophisticated Art of Music Setting the Mood

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

The Sophisticated Art of …. Music setting the mood

A sensual ambience is key – one that gives you and your partner that breath-hitching, honey-mellow, warmth all over. Especially deep, deep down inside where you not only want, but need to be pulled under and consumed by desires so wild they have you forgetting all thought of tiresome reality and any inhibitions over tender taboos. Where you are begging to be spent by your lovers’ hand until your thirst for ecstacy is quenched. 

Whew… is it getting hot in here? I’ve got carried away a little, that, or I’m having a hot flush. Which I like to call being swamped by the old Middle-Aged Dragon’s breath.

Know your partners music likes, loves and passions. Learn what turns your paramour on – kink included. A balance set somewhere between relaxed sensuality but not sleazy easy. Sade is a tried and true classic: who can forget Smooth Operatorbut how about a bit of The Sweetest Taboo You’ve probably heard Joan Armatrading’s, Love and Affection, of course you have! You’d have to have been living in a cave not to know it… This time with a little dedication…… Once more with the feeling… But a real, often forgotten gem of Joan’s, is Willow. It can lift the night.

Setting the scene, more than candles and champagne. Music, the right music will really heat up the night.


The art of the creating a bliss-filled space: Music to elevate the night from just bonking; to the art of elegant love-making.

Anything George Michael 
produced in his romantic phase is a great start and of course Mr Love-juices himself Barry White
, but I find big Bazza gets a little monotonous. Prince‘s Cream (on the video link start two minutes in to get the real cream vibe) or Kylie Minogue’s Slow. These are the pinnacle of sophisticated musical seduction. A newcomer and not too well-known is the very smooth and creamy Isobel Campbell a wonderful Scottish singer-songwriter- and her duet with Mr Dripping Molasses voice(thick, dark and smooth), Mark LaneganCome on Over (turn me on)
. For those Tex Perkins fans you’ll love Mark. A very similar timbre of hot sexiness in his vocals; or should I say, his bewitching tones.

Got carried away again there so…. Back to elegant love-making.

Lets face it, after the first two bars of the song or you may make it through the intro, nonetheless if the ‘seduction songs’ have worked and love-making song is doing its ‘charming thing’… you won’t be listening anyway. You should be lost in a world of love, intimacy and intense sharing.

Explore the boundaries of your love and lust. Dare you to