Menopause the hottest curse!

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo: 

Menopause the hottest curse!

And not in a good way.

I’m not the biggest Sam Elliot fan, although he’s easy on the eye and has a voice like golden treacle gliding over a sore throat. So yes worth a look but it’s the voice for me. A voice which I could listen to all day and it would relax me as much as a good warm massage or a long tall glass of iced vodka during a hot flush. Although in a Star is Born (the one with Lady GaGa), it’s hard to work out what he’s saying as he mumbles a little but still sexy to look at… Menopause Shamenopause.

I’m more a David Beckham fan when it comes to the looking (because just look at him… he’s ridiculously handsome), but unfortunately his voice can’t give me the same good vibrations of Sam’s or men with voices like his, another example is Bradley Cooper in the latest reincarnation of A Star is Born. His voice is the vibration train to core city. Alas poor David…No dripping golden syrup here. David’s being more like dripping rusty water. But I can forgive him, in my quest to defeat menopause because silent David is still a worthwhile diversion from menopause. I’m sure you have your own choice of man to medicinally lust after regarding the relief and survival of menopause.

If men don’t work as suggested above…here is another helpful novel idea with great potential

Or try these shoes and cuffs on for size… Dare you to…