Why can’t women take it or leave it?

Observations of a Middle-Age Dragon with a Tattoo:

Why cant women take it or leave it

Men will call a man a dick if he’s being one and then move on.

This is nothing new.


Why do (MOST) women find this so hard to do – so far out of their realm.

I say most women because some can do it, and mean it. Not just pretend. But these women are seemingly rare indeed – amazingly self-assured and STRONG. More power to them and may it rub off on the rest of us.

Woman certainly can throw it, BIG TIME.

But we can’t take it, BIG TIME and this is the root of all the problems.

MAYBE: It’s because we are more ‘feeling’ beings than men.

OR DO WE JUST ‘KID’ OURSELVES FAR MORE, believe in the fake not look for the truth. 

Throw off criticism that is slanderous and believe in our worth. However, be strong enough to recognise constructive criticism and take it on board, throw away the rest. Move on.

Why can’t we simply accept learn and grow from differing POVs be BIG enough to say we disagree, let’s move on. 

Or Yes I was WRONG, I’m strong enough to be the bigger woman and admit that. Now let’s move on…

Why do we sometimes turn expressing our egregious thoughts – at what we believe to be something personal when it was constructive criticism, and certainly not sticks and stones – why do we turn it into evisceration. Therefore making it personal and then react by throwing insults and barbs that become deeply personal.

When women give it we tend to really GIVE it, with such vitriol it ends up diabolically wrong. An example is SLUT SHAMING.


THEN there’s this other not so rare event where WOMEN not only jump on – but stamp on (in great big army boots) any woman who is making a valid point.

THIS IS THE LESSON: A differing point of view can still make a valid point. Criticism, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can make us stronger. 

A differing point of view is not the devil or Satan. It is what makes the world go round and gives balance.

Wise-up, grow up and try to practice TOLERANCE and inner-strength.

IF someone throws shade your way then be strong enough to know if it is really about you or says more about them. AND 

Take it or leave it. Then you won’t need to get down into it.