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Madly, Deeply, Truly.

Natasha Perry keeps it together by using music to control her Alter-egos. With a song in her head and music in her heart she moves through life camouflaged in ordinary. Going unnoticed is not an option when she is drawn into a sizzling romance with Dr Sebastian Mancini. Unbeknown to the young couple they are being hunted and the killers have a whole other deadly soundtrack in mind.

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We have IQ and EQ why not Sexual Intelligence - SQ?

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

There’s IQ and now EQ. I’m wondering there must be SQ…. 

therefore Sexual Intelligence.

Let me explain:

Stephen Hawking sadly passed March 2018. There was much talk about his intelligence – IQ. IQ being the measure of a person’s intelligence.

He and Einstein were the great genius’ working and discovering much about the universe over the last century, both having IQs of 160, a perfect score being 162.


Now we have EQ:

The emotional intelligence quotient of a person. EQ reflects a person’s ability to empathize with others: identify, evaluate, control and express one’s own emotions. As well as to perceive and assess others’ emotions; use emotions to facilitate thinking, understand emotional meanings. Source Home page: A perfect score is 160. People high in EQ for example are: Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey: 

Other Examples: can be found if you click my source here:

Winston Churchill — Perhaps because of his own basket of insecurities, Churchill was an astute leader in harrowing times; he tapped into the emotions of his country and rose to the challenge, balancing cold calculations with emotional understanding.

Abraham Lincoln — Arguably the epitome of the emotionally intelligent President of the United States, Lincoln pressed on with monumental changes using his own internal compass, even when all his advisers pointed in other direction.

All this posturing got me thinking:

Just as there are Maths Genius’ with high IQs and Emotionally Strong Leaders, who show high EQ - why haven’t we, the human race, devised a way to measure someone’s Sexual Intelligence. 

Could you measure Sexual intelligence? Would you, could you rate it so a perfect score was 160 like the other measures?

That’s not necessarily measuring sexual prowess, or stamina. They most likely would be two characteristics of a person with an amazing – if not magical understanding of the needs of a woman or a man – and have the capacity to deliver this regularly. Would Sexual Intelligence be called SQ? Would a person with high SQ be a Sexual Genius? Why not?

Would SQ characteristics be measured by:     






Skill?  How would this be measured? The mind boggles, but it would be fun designing and testing such a scale and then a test to deliver a score. Would there be a practical element????


Why can’t we celebrate openly a great, lover? A person who is a Sexual Genius’. People who just know how to make love like no other. Just as there won’t be another Nelson Mandala or Einstein, in a generation, is there a sexual genius out there who we are missing out on learning from?

Was Casanova one or Catherine the Great? Not forgetting Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Reputation certainly precedes all of these.

The closest I’ve come in my research is a reference made to Erotic Intelligence…

But I ask do we have to go that hard core, plus there already is an EQ. So why not have Erotic knowledge or proclivity as a characteristic of overall Sexual Genius… Maybe we should start a movement.

A lady who seems to be on to something is Esther Perel with her book: Mating In Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence. In a 2013 interview with the Huffington post her words caught my eye on what SQ would in essence be about: “When I work with sexuality in couples, I rarely work on helping them have sex. You can have sex and feel nothing. Women have done this for centuries. I work on the poetics of sex. I work on how they connect to their own erotic self. Basically, I work at how they beat back deadness, which is the prime reason for affairs.”

Marc and Cleo  

The article makes for very interesting reading: See this Huffington Post article

Either way enjoy your contemplation of this subject, it’s a great conundrum to be faced with, especially if your research means you’re investigating subjects who look like these guys:


He could dust his sand off on my rug any time. 


There are many possibilities…. dare you to...

The definative relationship thermometer - Do you fling or fold

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo: 


The definitive relationship thermometer... 

Do you and your paramour fling or fold your clothes?

Take your mind back (way, ....way back for some of us). Brush the cobwebs off, shake yourself around and remember - the person you were in love/lust with in those days. When passion between you and your dearly intended was unbridled - wild and uninhibited. Where you couldn’t wait to rip the clothes off your partner and vice-versa, so you could delve into the depths of the white-hot passion of the beast with two backs.

In those days you couldn’t wait - didn’t think; became disengaged and - just let goooooooooooooooo. Various pieces of clothes were flung all over the place. You didn’t care if your dress/shirt/ bits and pieces were expensive silk or lace, etc – lust trumped them. Didn’t matter where or what they landed on as they provided a trail like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs through parks, bushes, grass, home pathways, porches, living rooms, or even shag-pile carpet that crunched under foot. Passionate ecstasy ruled! Long, live lust. Viva la luxure....



Then something happened you either broke up and moved on to the next hurricane of horny or

The relationship progressed - the passion was still there it just burned a little less intense but it' was still white-hot. Clothes only come off in the hallways and bedroom, flung far and wide. Decorating ceiling fans, stereo speakers, light fittings and floors.

Then..... you and your partner sailed further into unchartered relationship waters. Passion burnt deeper and was somehow richer. While lust and passion burned not so white-hot, the feeling of being together was almost overwhelming. The clothes were thrown in piles on chairs or the floor. You are older and convention necessitates that maybe you are better at delayed gratification, so you take care to look after your attire. BUT oddly less patient the morning after. You don’t want to have to run around all over the place looking for pieces of your ensemble. You want to have some decorum and sophistication to your exit and somehow you know, this your sharing, means more.

Then, POW! Wham bam: you may not have realised it but something has snuck up on you, like a slow fold: sharp, perfect and neat. You're in long-term relationship territory. How do you recognise this? Again the clothes have it… because by this time you and your partner are using hangers for items of your kit, carefully folding your garb neatly on chairs etc; no longer the floor. And…. if you’re really in relationship longevity… you and your partner have chairs or special shelf space to put your garments in/on before diving into the passion pool.


And there you have it… the clothes/relationship thermometer - a prediction of your relationship status.

Be warned it is a sliding scale moving back and forth depending on the moment in your space time/relationship continuum.

So are you a flinger or a folder….. thus are you and your partner at the short-term fling stage (pardon the pun) or are you in for the long-term relationship haul - with your ordered and sophisticated neat folds.


That moment before something wonderful

It's that moment before something wonderful...