Give someone your time

Sometimes life throws us lots of curve balls. When it feels like we have no more energy left to swing at them and it all gets too much - it’s the simple things in life that can give us some respite and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.  

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Slow down to listen to the world, that is, really hear and understand the gifts that are around you. It’s usually the simple things that we frequently overlook that are the best at nurturing and sustaining us. That is peace and release.


Time is a valuable currency (Ruby Brown; MADLY: Too Much Too Soon), 

Take a Breath: Give your time to someone who needs it. Soothe them and you’ll find yourself feeling brighter.

Dare you to…

Signs of our times from the world

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

Signs of our time 

From all over the world

From Paris with love

No tulips….in Amsterdam

Better luck in Fremantle

From Moscow with ‘how the mighty have fallen’ love…

For the last word I’ll leave it to Melbourne.

Mark your own mark. Dare you to….

The Truth on Mother's Day

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

Welcome to Mothers Day

As I’ve said before: mostly when we celebrate these special “DAYs”, we should really think!! Let’s temper the great out-pouring of care, compassion and sentiments that happens for 1/365 days of the year with why we need just one day to ‘celebrate’ this when we should be much more thoughtful all 365 days for who’s ever day it is.

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Should the ‘day’ really be called the releasing of guilt day for all the rest of us for whoever this day is really for!! For example: 

‘Release the Guilt over not showing Mum enough love the rest of the year DAY’

Which would see Valentine's Day as the day ‘Release of the Guilt over not acknowledging my partner everyday DAY’

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AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON… the people who think it shouldn’t be called Mother’s Day and should be Appreciation Day or some other shit like that. All because of the small percentage of people out of the 7.7 billion world’s population who may not have a mother in the traditional sense or whose mother is no longer with them. I think most people are mature enough to understand they celebrate it how they want and that there is no hard and fast rule to how or who you celebrate Mother’s with or for. To the rest GROW-UP and know that the day is what you make of it and who you are celebrating it for…and you have way too much time on your hands; probably not like most Mum’s who are…

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And become….

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SNAP OUT OF IT and do what you want and be happy with that for yourself and your family. Don't get worried about others.  

AND for the world’s SANITY please don’t think/believe that because you do what you see as how Mother’s Day should be...that it is what the REST of the 7.7 billion or so, should do. 

Let people BE what they want to be and do NOT how you believe the world should be. Be happy within yourself. Mother’s day is not a contest. Strip it back to the core... LOVE between you and your MUM or whomever you see as your Mum.

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Dare you to…

Book 3: TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough. Ready for final edit


From A.M. Jaxon


TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough. While flying across the country, safe and sound in a window seat, I had a quiet celebratory drink as I gave Book 3 in the Too Much Romance trilogy, a final check. 

TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough. Ready to send to editor Tom Flood of Flood Manuscripts.


If you haven't yet read the first two books of the Too Much Romance Trilogy that's Book 1: MADLY: Too Much Too Soon and Book 2: DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late.   Dare you to….


Books One and Two are available from AppleBooks, GooglePlayBooks and Amazon and all links to these sites are on this webpage click on the Books Tab.