Inspiring words for women kicking-ass through the generations

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

Women kicking-ass through the generations


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Here's how using gentle and fierce is done unapologetically. From the woman who put the "energetically" into UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Snap out of it and be you!

How sad does your life have to be?

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

How SAD and pointless does your life have to be? That you’d take a shot at something so exquisite.

Photo by Michael Wilson

As Tayla Harris said: ‘Here’s a photo of me at work’.

The comments made were as Tayla said ‘like sexual harassment in the work place’.

SO I ASK AGAIN, how sad does your life have to be?

Just because you feel bad, sad, jealous, or put quite simply you’re a dickhead; it doesn’t give you any right. ONLY until you can go out there and produce something better; maybe then you can make a small comment. Dare you to… you won't because you're gutless.

Oh and by the way here are some other women at work: All top of their chosen field. What are you top of?

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Clockwise: Top then L to R: Julie Bishop, Penny Wong and Ellyse Perry (just in case you didn't know). And Sam Kerr Below.

And shame on the AFLW for taking the photo down and giving in to the lowest of low. But I applaud them for reinstating it. Because as Sam Kerr said, 'The problem was not the photo.'

If you couldn’t see a problem with what happened then you’re a chauvinist, Neanderthal cave man. 

Here's one of them at work:

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What saddens most were the bitchy women who made derogatory comments. Only achievement here is playing right into the hands of men who think women have no place anywhere except maybe the home…seen and not heard. Quite simply put; the people who trolled were dickheads and really, their thoughts have nothing to add to anything except ignorance and hate. Two of the most shallow and useless things to subscribe to in life.

Here’s Tayla in action again,

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I’ll leave the final word to Tayla Harris; she said she felt ‘EMPOWERED’, because 

of the discussion that lead to all the overwhelming positive responses.

Find the thing that empowers you. Dare you to…

Changes we didn't realise had passed us by

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  


Changes that have passed us by and we didnt even notice!

From Tech to Fads.

Old Tech: all these items have been superseded by something better.....granted the smart phone is the beautiful (and sometimes much maligned) piece of tech that has been responsible for the demise of most of the items below:



Postage Stamps and Christmas Cards:


 Keys and an old-fashioned car locks:  

One Hour photos and photographic film:


Other pieces of tech killed off: The smart phone, humble laptop/pc, streaming and downloading, have all but killed off the following pieces of tech (some aren’t even that old):


Handkerchiefs and pocket squares. 

These items are really about the art of chivalry. When Chivalry died these were the first to go. 

They are not to be used by their owner but to be part of the act of giving to someone. The most chivalrous of these situations being tears. Other situations may involve spillages, stickiness, soiled clothes, and anything that amplifies the art of giving them away. This act never dates, should never be forgotten as it shows class, sophistication and gallantry which has not been replaced by anything more chivalrous or classy.

Matchbooks: In days gone by, when people smoked (a lot), and all the time at all the places we visited or partied at; like resuturants, nightclubs, and bars. You could always collect these.                      


Some mornings we struggled with smoke filled clothes and smoke infused hair only to be left struggling with a smokey smell on our pillow. Although part of a nasty habit, the humble matchbox sometimes was the only way we could tell where we’d been the night before! They usually turned-up in wallets, purses, bags, pockets etc, etc, etc… But alas now we have one less item to write phone numbers on now...although mobile phones have provided a much cleaner phone number recording device.      

Yellow and white pages: remember this great iconic ad, whose catch-phrase entered the Australian vernacular.  ‘Not Happy Jan!’  Having been big thick, hulking books that that you used to prop open doors, place TVs on top of and to lift-up computer screens; now the combined white and yellow pages are lucky to be an inch thick.


‘Let your fingers do the walking’ was the logo for the yellow page. Now your fingers still do the work but when using Google!

Remember the time when the only thing that was VIRAL was a disease or the cold/flu. 

It was a time when the Australian AIDs Council ad on TV and Billboards had everyone talking, and feeling distinctly horrified, terrified and worried about something normal antibiotics weren’t any use for. 

Then we discovered antivirals.

Now viral means we are exposed to a whole lot of new horrifying things. These terrifying new viral human billboards are not as worrying as the original auto-immune viruses but seem to hang around as resiliently as a bad flu or cold. However - it is important to note that antibiotics don’t work against them and unfortunately neither will antivirals. 

I think I prefer the cold and flu type virus. 

I’ve only scratched the surface. See what else you remember that has changed from not that long ago…Dare you to…   




Women in their Place: REALLY

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:


WOMEN in their PLACE: International women’s day is a great initiative, but shouldn’t we be defending our rights every hour of every day. This PPS campaign is brilliant and is about lasting more than an hour, or a day, it goes to the core: EMPOWERING women by using terms that usually tried to sell us short. It turns them on their head, to form powerful statements to embrace and build power through: turning phrases that give misogyny and chauvinism influence into ones that give women THEIR power: WORK OUT A PHRASE THAT defines you as a WOMAN.

ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: PPS Honours Women with an Empowering Campaign 


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Define who YOU are don’t wait for someone to label you:  Dare you to....

My Waxing Technician has OCD

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with Tattoo:

My Waxing Technician has OCD


She likes everything clean, smooth: totally deforested.


She is a fine waxing technician, (is that what we call them). However, she may be a little too zealous when it comes to my nether region. She waxes the same area several times (especially the lips) and then she brings out the big guns…. They are so painful… but small; the big guns are the dreaded tweezers.

She pulls at me and sharp nips of pain rise and fall. I almost say, ‘Why? Let me assure you the man that’s going to go down there needs glasses and so a few stray hairs will not be sighted. And let me inform you he will never go down there with glasses.'

Will his tongue be able to be discerning enough to seek out a stray hair? I don’t think so!

I’m playing to my audience, so my waxing should aim for the same. I’m not striving to perform at the Sydney Opera House, with a world-class virtuoso violinist. No, my performance heights are much lower. A performance in the domestic blissful bedroom, with a mere mortal fiddler, as I am also, only a mortal.

So rather than endure 20 minutes of pain. I think I’d be happy with less and no tweezers!

You may ask why bother. Until a year and a bit ago, I thought the same. Then I had it done (by a different technician) and found there was no turning back. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the breezy feel, I really can’t say.

Let me say I admire my current technician’s perfection and her striving for excellence and it’s why I keep going back. The pain is transitory after all. This whole discussion is a first world problem and a very superficial one at that. Nonetheless, I hope it may provide some food for thought and have you smiling and laughing not squirming.

Maybe she thinks I could be a lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that) because let’s face it, only another woman would notice if there was an imperfection. Either way, it leaves me wondering.


Tell me should I ask for a lesser wax or basically toughen the f@#k up princess, and strive for excellence?? 

Strive for what you want, your excellence: Dare you to….