'Cause you're beautiful!

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

There are many words to define Beauty. 

Find your OWN definition. Don't forget to use the WHOLE crayon box or all the Dictionary, whatever takes your fancy. It's only up to you.

Don’t be swayed by lesser people’s opinions - reach for your full potential, remembering; you do deserve happiness. 

(Sage Thompson: Quote from Truly: Too Much is Never Enough. ..... A.M. Jaxon ©)

What sums you up, makes you smile because you're being true to yourself. 

Find it. Dare you to....

What are we being conned over now? Who will be laughing at our gullibility in 20 years!!??

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

Old Marketing Ads:

Old Ads seem so funny - how were people so gullible? We know they sold more things than the obvious. After all there was: sex, credibility, shame, happiness, misogyny etc, etc… BUT have things really changed???

                    Image result for old sexist ads       

                                 Image result for old shocking ads         Related image

You may laugh because we seem so much “wiser” now! And wonder how could previous generations have been so gullible?

                        Image result for old shocking ads               Image result for old shocking ads

The real question is:

We all know how cashed-up, driven, tricky (code for verging on immoral) and clever the advertising agency’s are. NOT to mention that they have become far better at what they do. So, what are we being conned over now? In TWENTY to FORTY years, what will people be looking back at and laughing at how gullible we were!!?? 

McDonalds: Carry-On campaign.

These aren’t old they’re a sample from the 2000s:


                    Burger King ad         pretzel crisps

Don’t believe the hype, take a breath, THINK about how much you really need what they’re pushing on you or worse - do understand it’s a con-job. Break free...  Dare you to….


Happy Valentine's Day - Make It Your Own

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

Happy Valentines Day

Remember it takes all sorts!

It's only a date on the calendar after all

Above all Make it your Own

Image result for valentines day funny memes

You either love it or loathe it. This may depend on if you are a believer in romance or not. Nonetheless, even if you’re coupled-up, St Valentine’s Day can be a great source of stress, angst and arguments. There’s no guarantee that it’ll be all hearts, flowers and passionate romance even if you have a main-squeeze, partner or even a paramour.  There’s the:

Are we giving gifts? 

How much are we spending? 

Are we just going out for a romantic night? 

Is the gift thoughtful, special enough?

Will it send the ‘right’ message? 

Are you only after a wham, bam thankyou man?

Invariably we can find out that we’ve invested far too much time, energy, thought and love into the gift to discover it has in no way been reciprocated. 

Then the arguments and anger lead to a terrible night as the pressure of all the allure of romance usually doesn’t measure-up and is swamped by all the disappointment. This disappointment can reign supreme and St Valentine’s Day turns into the day of anti-love! Why do we do this to ourselves? Because when I say “we” I mean its women who tend to be the ones most put out by this day. 

You can completely dismiss it as another American scourge like Halloween. 

Image may contain: text that says 'It's better to have nobody than to have someone who is half there, or doesn't 't want to be there.'

Or embrace the fun regardless of whether your coupled up or not. Have a (Gal)entine Day and use this as (another) time to meet up with friends and just have FUN. Show you aren’t defined by anybody else but yourself.

The point being, love isn’t to be found and proven by just one day. It should be found in everyday we share with someone who we enjoy being with when we are on the sunny-side of the grass.

Have the St Valentine’s Day you want - forget everyone else and all of society’s pressures and myths.  

 Dare you to….

Introducing the NEW, many faces of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo

Introducing a NEW Dragon  

shes goofy and happy, 

huffy and of course.. smokin'!

Many, Many  Thanks to Nicola from Nixels Graphic Designs for using her amazing talent to create the many faces of the 

Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo

A dragon that's ALL  attitude