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A couple of weeks ago the; ONE JOB, that’s you had ONE JOB, post went up. So from the people that brought you this…

They now bring you this…. 

Dead wallaby painted over by workers marking Tasmanian road leave public hopping mad

Posted ABC News: Tue at 2:37amTue 4 Dec 2018, 2:37am 

A wallaby is dead on the road, there is a white line over its head.

A wallaby dead on the side of a Tasmanian road.

Photo: Garrick Cameron said he could not believe what he was seeing. (Facebook: Lord Of The Lettuce)   

“I’ve seen memes of stuff like that on Facebook before but I never thought I’d see that in the flesh, and right out the front of my house.”

Facebook comments criticised why the animal had not been removed by the road workers.

In the video, the Lord of the Lettuce can been seen picking up the dead animal, leaving a distinct gap in the white line marking.

“It’s just so typical in this day and age — you know, just do the hours, not the work,” he said.

“It just amazes me that someone could have such little pride in what they do. Now there’s a big gap in the road about two feet long.”

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