Reflecting on 2018

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:

Observations and Reflections of 2018:

How many times did this happen?

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And we so hoped…

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At the end of the day when energy was defeated and Uber eats was

a whole lot of appealing we did use …

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MIND: Alas the agony, 

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BODY: Oh ! The ageing

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SOUL: Being able to laugh at ourselves:

The results of 2018 goal-setting:

Life was meant to be interesting and it is enriched by the more challenging the journey;

not the destination.

In the end when reflecting on the year; true friends are our riches and a REAL indication of our self-worth.

Go out and celebrate with the people who make you feel the most valuable. Dare you to…. 

A Christmas Survival Recipe to Get you Through!

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

 So this is Christmas…


Never fear I have a recipe to help you make it through. Read On…

There are a number of ways you can go.

 You can do this:


 OR you can do this: 


Both have merit and there is no judgement either way. Because Christmas is individual, and I must admit I like the creativity of the latter.

Sometimes little Christmas treats like this happen,


While we all wait on the big guy to show up

We all need to remember this recipe. 

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I understand it also works well with champagne, 

wine (both red and white), rum, vodka, gin, scotch and brandy 

(any alcohol) although not mixed altogether. You 

need to drink responsibly after all.

Enjoy Christmas, anyway that's the best for YOU! Dare you to… 


Surviving one of those mothers-in-law

Tis the season to be jolly BUT if you have one of those MILs 


This one’s for you:

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

As Christmas fast approaches and the pressure of family get togethers is upon us. Some of you may have to endure the scourge of one of those mothers-in-law.

I'm talking Super-Uber, Bitch-Dragon


First a laugh:

For Strength:

My MIL, likes to ‘mistakenly’ (deliberately) forget me or take me off the ‘family’ email list. I’ve decided life’s too short to be caught-up any longer in the games of a woman who is too shallow to see what wonders surround her. A woman who loves to gossip, criticise and judge. She loses out on so much by not taking my hand, no matter how many times I’ve offered it. Her loss not mine. 


Tis the season to be tolerant and think perhaps a little more like this:

Break-free by not much... Dare you to...

Helping Men

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

Guiding Men with a helpful hand:

Helping men by giving them a guide to our hormone levels and other day to day tips. Hint: Offer ice-cream or alcohol, but most likely don't try to solve our problems just listen; offer support and try to understand.

The fundamental difference: A little help for both sexes!

In short it's best just to offer wine, champagne or some sort of alcoholic beverage (especially after 5pm) and then just LISTEN. Dare you to...

An addition to the one job debacle

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

A couple of weeks ago the; ONE JOB, that’s you had ONE JOB, post went up. So from the people that brought you this…

They now bring you this…. 

Dead wallaby painted over by workers marking Tasmanian road leave public hopping mad

Posted ABC News: Tue at 2:37amTue 4 Dec 2018, 2:37am 

A wallaby is dead on the road, there is a white line over its head.

A wallaby dead on the side of a Tasmanian road.

Photo: Garrick Cameron said he could not believe what he was seeing. (Facebook: Lord Of The Lettuce)   

"I've seen memes of stuff like that on Facebook before but I never thought I'd see that in the flesh, and right out the front of my house."

Facebook comments criticised why the animal had not been removed by the road workers.

In the video, the Lord of the Lettuce can been seen picking up the dead animal, leaving a distinct gap in the white line marking.

"It's just so typical in this day and age — you know, just do the hours, not the work," he said.

"It just amazes me that someone could have such little pride in what they do. Now there's a big gap in the road about two feet long."

Research G. Evans

Remember it's only life, just laugh... Dare you to..