You Had One Job: One JOB

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

You had ONE JOB

For those of you who may have had a week where you’ve worked with a mob of people who had one job… and invariably FAILED…

FEEL THE PAIN; and LAUGH maybe these are people who’ve had it far worse than you…

They’ve been mowing this field; looks like for more than a little while. I think they forgot to multitask and do more than one thing.

Pick the something extra they forgot to do??

Not sure they should be a collage of anything?

This was okay when you were in Year One; learning to write and space all the letters of one word before the edge of the page.

(These guys must have missed letter placement 101)

Forgot something??

Lucky these guys weren’t in an operating theatre.

(The patient would be dead)

Maybe this is a teaching moment…

Let’s hope the beautiful child that gets the one on the right, has a parent who can teach them about lazy eyes and how special the child is to have a Narla toy that needs the most special of friends to look after her.

This could be a quirky ‘planned’ design feature

But alas it’s not.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… 

Forgetful, slack and just don’t care; come to mind.

When Homer Simpson is on the job, 

(see the Simpson’s movie)

Maybe they’ve never been to primary school or seen Sesame Street

The subtle art of stuffing up your ONE JOB…


AND now for more 

Proving ‘PRIDE in your work’ are only FOUR meaningless words for some.

Need I say More….

Common sense isn’t common any more: it’s ENDANGERED

To think that all those years of learning could lead to this…

ONE FUNCTION to achieve… draws that open 

ONE JOB fail.

Which came first??

Not the chicken or the egg…  the Bench or the Drain

When the instructions seem simple…

UNTIL some IDIOT proves they aren’t.

And the biggest DO, DO, don’t of them all

One word for this SWEEPING


Clearly takes more than ONE IDIOT to do…

Have fun with getting the Job done right. Dare you to…