Cutting to the chase on communication

 Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  

This week I was remembering all the management courses I attended with colleagues about ‘improving communication’ and how nothing really changed; aside from a day or two and then we’d be back to this….


It made me think of redesigning those courses to include some of these gems to cut through all the crap. Starting with the following:

REMEMBER we all have one mouth and two ears.  Open your mind and close your mouth, they work best this way.

The reason this is a fact is that silence is always preferred to bullshit. Otherwise this happens

OTHER people view life differently they may not be so understanding or frankly don’t care – you can’t change them because they may be missing something OR it might be YOU who’s missing that filter that stops you from saying insensitive shit. 

That’s okay too, just don’t expect people to shower you in compliments and roses for stating the obvious because they are oblivious or can’t grasp facts. You can’t change these people either. Live with the knowledge you have. You can follow one of two options: 

Option ONE 

Option TWO 

Some days option two will appear the most appealing especially if you haven’t had a chance to reach the Zen-like state needed to repond appropriately for option one to truly work. WARNING: Some days BOTH options may be hazardous for others because you may not be able to respond nicely to idiots; no matter what your Zen state.

You may think you need more training but there are some things you just can’t ever become qualified to do.


Important rules to keep in mind when contemplating the human condition:                                               

Manage other people’s expectations:

Manage your expectations:

Sometimes you may just plainly run out of patience with a person, who no matter what – causes you pain or time or both. This maybe the person who you can’t work out what makes them tick, or what they see as their purpose in life. You may have met one of these:

Leaving you to ask this sage old question:

There will be people who constantly annoy you let them know politely.

Maybe some days you’ll just have to take the higher road, comfortable in your knowledge that you can shine brightly no matter what.

Let yourself grow and bloom regardless of what is going on around you. Dare you to..