The Too Much Romance series: An UPDATE

From A.M.: An UPDATE 

Book One of the Too Much Romance series is on special this month.

MADLY: Too Much Too Soon



Start your adventure with the Too Much Romance series that has more than a hint of crime to add even more spice.

Books Two and Three are done as is the artwork and there's more:

DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late


Book Two is being given it’s final edit by Tom Flood of Flood Manuscripts. I'm hoping to release it Mid-December for a Christmas surprise.

                   TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough


Book Three is ready for its final edit by Tom Flood. Hoping to release it early 2019.

Start Reading the Too Much Romance series today… Dare you to…



Why do we label people?

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo:


Everyone seems to want to LABEL everyone else these days…


What if we STOPPED and stuck to finding out about people the old-fashioned way. LIKE: Taking the time and talking to each other. 

Rather than labelling being about WHO YOU ARE can we just go back to labels helping us with HOW TO…..

Go on! Talk to someone instead of labelling them.  Dare you to...

Ten things successful women do

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:  


TEN things strong women live by

1. She lives fiercely

2. She loves with an open heart

3. She forgives, even when its hard to forget


4. She walks away from toxic people

5. She lets go of negativity

6.She fails but tries again



7. She asks for help


8. She knows when to say no


9. Shes afraid but does it anyway

10. She perseveres no matter what life throws at her


Strong women dare to .