Thoughts on the many moods of driving.

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:

There's more than anger.  

I have the angry dragon out this week but anger is only one of the emotions we experience when we are driving: There are others like...





Concern: For people's state of mind and to give a 

WARNING: BEWARE the elderly driver wearing a hat.

Nurturing: I see opportunities for teaching moments:


Here's one demostration of a dumbass prepared earlier. (Worth a view).


It's enough to drive you to drink... (not that I condone drinking and driving) but opening a bottle once your good and home is very helpful in relieving the angst of driving with those who can't drive and should also stay at home. Dare you to..

Driven to insanity

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo:

Lately I've noticed 



So don’t be driven there take a detour to pleasure... dare you to....


A Quick Guide to Football World Cup 2018.

Observations of a Middle-aged Dragon with a tattoo: 

A Quick Guide to Football World Cup 2018.

Was it the best ever?

For those who aren't devotees of the 'beautiful game' here's a quick, catch-up guide to appear up-with-it at those parties or lunchroom conversations…

At first I was sceptical: 

Would this world cup be worth a watch because this guy wasn't there to look at, I mean he wasn’t playing? (I know he hasn't been in one for a long while but.... so good looking and hot.. you could fry an egg on that smouldering look).                                                Becks is so worth a look he's another shot of him.


These guys' teams (Italy and the Netherlands) didn’t even make it. Which also had me thinking this World Cup might tank. 

. Daniel Osvaldo                         Memphis Depay 



But wait there was more…

Good surprises that is: I discovered ICELAND, wohh mamma!!!

They had this guy: Rúrik Gíslason Gislason 

And the next best thing, NO not another Hemsworth, but another Norse god: Birkir Bjarnason Thor himself: Bjarnason 

And not just on the field there was this guy Hervé Renard the coach of Morocco. The internet made all the right noises as it went into meltdown about how he looked 

like Jamie Lannister (aka Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau).

More concerns when this guy, Cristiano Ronaldo left early. 


Then the upsets kept coming and the usual suspects weren’t around to keep playing through the rounds, like the Germans and the Spaniards.  No more watching the bodies... Ummm the skills of : 

Germany's Jerome Boateng

  and  Spain's Lucas Vazquez

However that didn't stop the entertainment and finally the football world realized what the rest of us have noticed for years….. This….

Most likely because of this guy Neymar Jnr…..

Neymar Jnr probably almost single-handedly was why his side, Brazil, didn’t make it through. But it’s great to see all the memes and parodies…. Here's a few of them:     

But French football great and actor Eric Cantona's can't be ignored:


Then there were the statistics, which even got a shake-up this time round: Source New York Times via: 10th July 2018. 

The 2018 Russian World Cup has been the scene for a staggering statistical anomaly which marks the event as the most dramatic World Cup finals in recent memory.

According to a statistical analysis conducted by the New York Times, the 2018 finals has set a new record for the highest percentage of goals scored occurring after the 89th minute.

23 goals have been scored in the 90th minute and second-half stoppage time — accounting for a staggering 15 per cent of all goals scored.

Like Belgium's amazing (with seconds left to go) win from the jaws of defeat against Japan: This is why this world cup has been the best: Remember to click on the Youtube link to see it.

In other words: 

It’s been a really exciting world cup to watch and not just been a bit of a YAWN… I must admit I have always thought football (aka soccer) has been 30 mins too long. So with the above stat in mind…. I reckon tune in after the first 30 mins of the 90 min game!


I had been laughing at an app people, I’m assuming probably mostly men, could buy. It was obviously not run by Optus (Australian Fans will know what I’m talking about) BUT….

Apparently, you could get this app for your phone that vibrated every time your team scored a goal. But wait, as usually the score line in World Cups is 1 to 0 or maybe 2 to 1 and this over 90 minutes; I thought what a waste. The app didn’t seem to get the most out of a vibration mode. Maybe except for the last world cup semi and you were a German fan when they beat Brazil 7 to 1.


Anyway my feeling was if you wanted to get most thrill for your bills they need to provide this app for basketball games or maybe AFL, that’s Aussie Rules Football. Now that’s what I’m talking about high scoring games, high scoring vibration …. Pleasure, ohhhh such pleasure especially AFL, you’d get a vibration for a main goal and one also for a minor score, now that’s what I'm talking about....more thrills for your hard-earned bills. Ahhh.

(There were a lot of words and writing about vibrators, I mean vibrations so I thought you'd appreciate another Becks shot).  

Anyway, back to the 2018 Football (Soccer) World Cup in Russia: these guys are in the final - so still one last twist - this is the first time France and Croatia will meet in a World Cup final.



So enjoy the Grand Final and maybe just tune in for the last 60mins. Dare you to...

(PS: The French got the job done, but Croatia were couragous)