Men’s athletic support has improved!

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

And I’m not talking about the fan base…

With the Commonwealth Games (you know they’re the multi-sport games Australia does really well at), all but done and dusted on the Gold Coast, I took time to note a few items – well three in particular.

The Pillar and Stones (one pillar + two stones =3 items) support has improved from this  –  here’s an example prepared earlier.



That’s not a gun in his pocket. I know, I know, it’s hard to watch and while there maybe some who are disappointed by my news. I find it far easier to enjoy the fine spectacle of the Men’s Track with the improvement in their support. Now I can watch the race with the only distractions being those that should be – the lithe bodies, pumping of arms and fine-toned legs of these amazing athletes. There are just somethings that shouldn’t be set free unless you’re alone (like farts).

Just as development in sports-bra support has gone through a major transformation (thanks to the pioneering constructionwork of Serena Williams). Men’s athletic support has gone from the thin Lycra-only support (to the left, to the right, no wait to the left again, see Matt Shervo above: It’s one he prepared earlier in 1998).

These days there’s improved thicker Lycra apparel, less bounce and more oomphhhaa (less Oh no! But doesn’t that hurt). Fear not, now something is left to the imagination, call me old-World but I like the chase (that being said, I couldn’t catch these guys even if I was in a Ferrari). Now everyone can sit and watch the Track, especially 100m, 200m and 400m men (don’t get me started on hurdles!) and not have the distraction of more bulging and bouncing than can be found watching an original episode of Baywatch.

The package is delivered far more safely and securely around the track. With not so much back and forth or side searing bounce, giving what all elite performing delivery services strive for; a guaranteed smooth ride and fast delivery of an undamaged package.

Thank God

Why not sample that new-found support; a whole lotta Usain Bolt support here: watch all the great stuff he’s achieved.