Songs that deserve to be listened to more often.

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

Songs that deserve to be listened to more often.

Set them free.

I started thinking about old songs this week; songs from my childhood and adolescence: my becoming far too distant younger days. It was all because I read a Facebook post regarding songs that no-one would know if they were under 40.

I began to think how it sold music and avid devotees a little short. It didn't take into account the eclectic tastes of those that enjoy not only a specific taste of contemporary music but others the enjoy the FULL smorgasbord of refined delicacies of the unusual and not-so-general kind; the rare old, older and oldest. No Eagles, Abba, or U2 to be found here.

Now the following may not be as unknown as some people could name, but they are eclectic, and they range from downright silly to the thoughtful to exceedingly reflective on society and of a time when music could be popular even if it spoke about one side's social agenda. Not just some pop-princess pretending to have written a song that sounds like hard rock. Now it's just all manufactured assembly-line populist drivel, worked out from focus group data.

No uniqueness or real talent rewarded. Except maybe....

I'm constantly amazed how everyone fawns over Ed Sheeran, yes the guy is seriously good, and you've got to reward his success in a time like this. 

A guy who looks normal, quirky, a 'ranga' not some plastic, cut-out copy or an airbrushed all-American beautiful (unrealistic) ideal. Welcome to the sanitised and auto-tuned music world of today.

Again Ed's just playing original music with a guitar and dares tour as a said solo act. Stop the press!! Guess what.. those of us who are a little older know he's not so original, although his music is. Many have gone before him. So..

Let's reminisce:

Too good to be one hit wonders:

Without Google, can you name the acts who sang these?

My Sharona

Echo Beach

The Stroke

Baby it’s You: The band is a trio

NOT TO be confused with John Waite's, The Baby's. Now here's a blast from the past but, isn't it time.

Now that's a shirt, suit and a great shade of eye-shadow! Hint: In this film clip from the shoulders up John looks a lot like the female singer of Baby It's You... And the answer is Promises... have a listen. The boobs give her away. Watch after a very short time you can't take your eyes off them. But what a set of lungs great vocals and all before auto-tune. 

Too good to be forgotten:

Give me one reason: Tracy Chapman 

Fade into you: Mazzy Star

Funky Cold Medina: Tone Loc. I love the drum beat sampling of Can't get no Satisfaction... you picked it right.

You gotta be: Des'ree

Sex and Candy: Marcy's Playground

Golden Oldies:

Melt with You: Modern English. Recently it had a resurrection as a cover in the movie Table 19. It first came to prominence in the teenage cult movie of 1983, Valley Girl, which broke a young Nicholas Cage and also spawned the Psychedelic Furs Love My Way. See the original movie before the new 2018 version.

Twist in my Sobriety: Tanita Tikaram, no she's not a Kiwi. But she taught Australia a new word (and yes it wasn’t twist)

Devil went down to Georgia: The Charlie Daniels Band. Did Johnny really win?

Out of Mind Out of Sight: Models. Alas James Freud gone too soon.

                                                                                   Sweet Jane: Lou Reed/Velvet Underground

Mouldy Oldies:

Driver’s Seat: Sniff 'n' the Tears, go figure it's a great driving song.

Yesterday's Hero: John Paul Young, he's in the Aria Hall of Fame, that's even with the fact he released an album on K-tel (now if you're really good you'll know all about what K-tel represents).

Mamma Told Me (not to come): Who'd a thought it was written by Randy Newman for Eric Burdon but covered by Three-day Night and then among others the Howling Diablo's. Their version was featured in the sound track to a fantastic coming of 'old-age' movie; Bonneville: with Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Joan Allen

Horror Movie: From Skyhooks' brilliant album Living in the 70's. A ground-breaking album indeed. Forget the failed attempt to reclaim said former-glory when they desperately released, Living in the 80's... It's a Horror: not even in the same stratosphere as a B-grade Horror Movie. Please let's remember the guys for songs like Ego's Not a Dirty Word and Women in Uniform not Jukebox in Siberia.... WHAT and importantly WHY????  

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Which band member's son wrote the song that won World Idol for Norway's singing Hobbit, Kurt Nilsen?

Your Mama Won’t Like Me: Suzi Quatro was ahead of her time, even if in a later incarnation she appeared on an episode of Midsomer Murders. You guessed it as an ageing rocker. She was killed off pretty early in the episode. This song resonates with me... you guessed it my Mamma (-in-law) don't like me... Go figure probably not a surprise to you.

Fox on the Run: The Sweet. One of the band members was rumoured to be related to Mark McManus who starred as the main character,in Scottish BBC detective show - Taggart... You remember.. there's been a murrrderrr. 

Rock on: Before David Essex went too commercial: David Essex's still looking good by the way.

Hollywood Seven: Jon English, a very talented man, try not too judge him too harshly for All Together Now: Rebecca Gibney and Steve Jacobs are there as well. Oh wait! Steve Jacobs may not be a good example right now.

Every night: Phoebe Snow: Which Beatles member wrote and recorded this before Ms Snow made it more popular?

Gold: John Stewart. Can you name back-up vocalist?

Hot Child in the City: Nick Gilder and the Time Machine

From the Crypt, seriously they are that old:

Can you name the original singers of the first two... Try not to despair at recent artists and their cover-versions.

Rockin’ Good Way:

King of the Road: Unfortunately these guys sang a cover-version. But the orginal is worth very much a listen...

A Boy Named Sue: Johnny Cash

Sky High: British Jigsaw

Sentimental Silliness:

Blame it on the Bosonova: Eydie Gorme

Downtown: Petula Clark

The Streak: Ray Stevens

Disco Duck: Rick Dees. This guy performed the film clip with a puppet.

Magic: Pilot. Still can't work out if these guys were serious or not. Then there was January. How could we forget it? The song was so long at number one on the Countdown top 10 we got sick of it. They must have been serious with a lead guitarist with a double guitar ala Jimmy Page.... Still the song has you reminiscing. Love it.


Men’s athletic support has improved!

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

And I'm not talking about the fan base...

With the Commonwealth Games (you know they're the multi-sport games Australia does really well at), all but done and dusted on the Gold Coast, I took time to note a few items - well three in particular.

The Pillar and Stones (one pillar + two stones =3 items) support has improved from this  -  here's an example prepared earlier.



That's not a gun in his pocket. I know, I know, it's hard to watch and while there maybe some who are disappointed by my news. I find it far easier to enjoy the fine spectacle of the Men’s Track with the improvement in their support. Now I can watch the race with the only distractions being those that should be - the lithe bodies, pumping of arms and fine-toned legs of these amazing athletes. There are just somethings that shouldn't be set free unless you're alone (like farts).

Just as development in sports-bra support has gone through a major transformation (thanks to the pioneering constructionwork of Serena Williams). Men’s athletic support has gone from the thin Lycra-only support (to the left, to the right, no wait to the left again, see Matt Shervo above: It's one he prepared earlier in 1998).

These days there's improved thicker Lycra apparel, less bounce and more oomphhhaa (less Oh no! But doesn't that hurt). Fear not, now something is left to the imagination, call me old-World but I like the chase (that being said, I couldn't catch these guys even if I was in a Ferrari). Now everyone can sit and watch the Track, especially 100m, 200m and 400m men (don't get me started on hurdles!) and not have the distraction of more bulging and bouncing than can be found watching an original episode of Baywatch.

The package is delivered far more safely and securely around the track. With not so much back and forth or side searing bounce, giving what all elite performing delivery services strive for; a guaranteed smooth ride and fast delivery of an undamaged package.

Thank God

Why not sample that new-found support; a whole lotta Usain Bolt support here: watch all the great stuff he's achieved. 

The Fifty Shades of Fallacy

Observations of a Middle-Aged Dragon with a Tattoo: 

The Fifty Shades of Fallacy

More than a few people have a (not so) dirty little secret. Come on people lighten up and admit it... you've been reading and ...watching.... IT


Most people, especially women say they haven't read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Not only that they haven't read it but the denial seems to also need to be laced (no pun intended) with more than a hint of disdain and a hell of a lot of a put down or is that throwing shade (pun intended). And don't get me started on the movies and how many people bemoan how they wouldn't sink so low, or be seen dead watching.

And Yet... 

The books have been worldwide best sellers and while everyone complains about how the writing is poor, the books must have captured something. 50 shades references have entered everyday language. One great example is at the end of the movie Bad Moms 1 when one of the characters says 'my husband totally 50 Shaded me this morning'. Now there's a movie coming out, Book Club starring Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda, about women reading 50SoG. Let me say again they're worldwide best sellers; so more than a few people must have read the books.


Then came the movies, which the books spawned. Even far more accomplished erotic romance writers like Meredith Wild, Sylvia Day, and Australia's very own Nikki Gemmell (The Bride Stripped Bare) haven't been able to capture similar lucrative movie deals for their books. That's even if the 'so-called in the know' intelligentsia say they are better writers.

Soooooooo someone out there must be reading these books and seeing the movies..... I'm beginning to think the whole Fifty Shades Phenomenon is like Dr Who's Tardis...

Small on the outside but big on the inside...really BIG

Well, I admit it...

I have read and seen the trilogy... and there must be many, many others who have. Let's face it, so what! There are no 50 shades of grey areas here... you either have or you haven't. If some of you have slipped over to the darker side, now you can be freed from your burden.


Let it out... Rip off the Band-Aid and admit it, you've read/seen them too.

Sometimes the dialogue is cringe worthy and frustrating and laughable and sickly sweet YET there is something at the core of the love story that resonates. Maybe it's the sanitization and the raising of the acceptability of some aspects of BDSM as a possible bedroom ally. Forget the fun police and the pretentious, wannabe erudite readers and admit it. After all it's really not so bad, it's fun and may even give you something to laugh about. It's mental bubble-gum - you take it in, chew it, mull over it, enjoy the silliness of remembering how to blow a bubble and then as it loses it's flavour you spit it out!

Yes I've read all of the them and SEEN all of them. There it's done and I haven't been smote down... life goes on. You too can release your inner Tardis, no wait, make that your inner sexual beast.